Preparing Intruder to scale

Intruder is a fast-growing SaaS company based in London, they offer products and services that help organisations stay protected against cybersecurity weaknesses.

The results

In retention savings
Increase in trial-to-paid conversions
Position on within their market


Intruder was sitting at the £50k MRR mark, they'd established product-market fit and were preparing to scale. The team mainly consisted of engineers and security consultants, they needed growth expertise to be brought in to implement improved onboarding journeys so trial journeys reached activation, and retention strategies so existing (and new) customers stuck around.

How we helped:

We gained a deep understanding of Intruder's positioning and ideal customer profile, mapping their current customer journeys to identify drop-off areas and activation points. Some of the main areas we focused on:

  • Onboarding for new trial users
  • Identifying the 'aha' moment
  • Converting trial users to paid customers
  • Onboarding new customers, helping them reach 'success'
  • Improving the retention rate of existing customers
  • Revenue growth within existing customers
  • Customer advocacy - increasing brand credibility through reviews, case studies, and testimonials


Since working with Intruder, we managed to reduce their monthly MRR churn by over 75%- dropping from an avg rate of 7.5% down to 1.7%. This resulted in savings of almost £300k and saw their Customer Lifetime Value improve massively with current MRR sitting around the £400K mark.

We even achieved Negative Churn which is the holy grail in retention. This is when expansion MRR from existing customers is greater than churned MRR. Even if the company brought on zero new customers, it would technically still be growing through this period.

The number of trial-to-paid conversions grew by 2x due to drop-off points being optimised and personalised customer journeys implemented, users now reach the point of 'value' quicker.

As a secondary task, we also increased Intruder's brand credibility through customer advocacy. This was a result of gathering regular insights for the team so they knew where to focus product efforts next. We built journeys that captured positive feedback and encouraged users to leave a review or testimonial, with some even resulting in a case study.

This saw Intruder jump to spot #3 on, beating and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with multi-billion dollar tech giants. This also resulted in organic traffic being pushed towards the site, leading to more sign-ups.


12 months